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The Purpose To Empower.


Hello & Welcome!


Empower Our Crown Foundation Inc,  is a non-profit (501c3) organization that aims to build and empower mentally and emotionally competent world changers. It is our vision to transform communities of color around the world. Through provision of empowerment workshops, leadership and educational trainings, mental health and wellness practices, and proactive engagement in the community, we are committed to making a global change.


 Empower Our Crown is primarily focused on, but not limited to, empowering youth and families of color, so that communities of color have the opportunity to become leaders in society and collectively dismantle racial hierarchies, gender inequalities and legitimize and empower the voices of marginalized populations.


This organization was initially developed for women and girls of color to understand the significance of their mental health,  self love, community connectivity and how these play a crucial role into stepping into their purpose and making a change.  When COVID-19 hit in 2020, we noticed a need to expand our program and curriculum development for youth and families of color, with a special emphasis on marginalized youth.  


Through practice and application, this organization encourages youth and families to celebrate themselves, break barriers, and advance in society. 


Lastly, Empower Our Crown provides communities and youth of color the opportunity to share their truths, grow in love, walk by faith, network with similar faces, brainstorm and execute visions, and reclaim and inspire individual and community purpose.

5 Pillars:

Spirituality/Mental Health and Wellness 
Community Outreach and Engagement

Financial Literacy 

Leadership Development 

The Team of Empower Our Crown 


Hello! My name is Ivy Sweeting and I am the Executive Secretary and Financial Director of Empower Our Crown. I am beyond excited and filled with joy to have accepted this role under Pilar Tucker’s leadership. Pilar and I have been best friends since the sandbox and I am amazed by the work that she is doing in our community to empower, uplift and support women of color while providing an emphasis on mental health and wellness. It is important to me to be apart of this organization as I am a biracial woman and an advocate for youth empowerment and advancement and certainly would not be where I am today without the continued love and support of my fellow Queens.

             Outside of Empower Our Crown, I work in contract with the Department of Youth Services to provide employment opportunities for youth upon discharge from the juvenile justice system here in Massachusetts – Boston specifically. I have an innate passion for youth and that aligns with my vision for Empower Our Crown. To provide safe spaces, empowering events and activities, and networking opportunities for youth and young adults in an around the Boston community. However, I know being grounded in my faith in God that this initiative is starting here in the Boston community but will reach youth and adults around the world – and I will gladly be here to support the journey!


Hello! I am Breannah Conward-Lewis, Empower Our Crown's Community Engagement/Outreach DirectorI am currently a Workforce Development Specialists at Partners Healthcare where she focuses primarily on community programs and youth programs. Her work is much aligned with her life mantra which is “Passion driven, community led”.

         Outside of her full time job, she spends much time in the community attending events and listening to the concerns of her communities and she works to try to pull together resources to help support and uplift the community. As a Dorchester native and current resident she wants to dive deeper into the root of her communities issues and address community health concerns, especially mental health. As a new Board member of Empower Our Crown her goal is to work closely with the team to move the mission forward and change the stigma and access to mental health services. 


"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world" - J. Barker

Our Mission

Building and transforming communities through empowerment, education, leadership development, community engagement and mental health and wellness. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

To empower communities and youth of color to become leaders in society, collectively dismantle racial and gender hierarchies and advance their communities world-wide.

We Need Your Support Today!

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