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Steps Into Loving Myself Into My Purpose Now

Loving myself into my purpose has not been an easy journey , in fact it’s been very difficult at times.There have been times that I’ve hated myself and treated myself badly  and because of this I was blocking my blessings and unable to walk into my purpose. It wasn’t until I started loving myself that my purpose became clear. When you love yourself unconditionally there is no room for toxicity , hate or self doubt. When you love yourself unconditionally, the blessings that were ordained by God manifest seamlessly. Here are 7 ways that I love myself into my purpose.

Seek God first

  • Before I ask for anything, I thank him for everything

  • I pray for what I want - Intentional in my Prayers

Speak my Prayers into existence

  • Identify Specific Goals

  • Write Down Goals

  • Speak them into LIFE

Have Faith that I am going to achieve the Goals that I prayed for

  • Believe that these goals are achievable and attainable

  • Know that you can do all things through christ who strengthens you

  • Eliminate Self- Doubt , Self Rejection and Negative Self Talk

Work hard, Show Up and Commit to the things that I have prayed for

  • - give it my all - faith without works is dead

  • Can’t Stop , Won’t Stop

  • Perseverance

Love Self

  • Show Up for Me , Treat Myself Good No matter What

  • Working on Spirituality/ Mental Health- Prayer Life/Emotional Wellness

  • Be Present

  • Guard Spirit

  • Stay around Good Company

  • Forgive Self

  • Take Breaks

  • Self Care- Positive Self-Talk/ Positive Activities

Love Others

  • Show up for Others

  • Give To Others

  • Provide Positive Affirmations for Others

  • Engage in Service/ Volunteering

  • Encourage Others

  • Challenge Others

  • Forgive Others

  • Pray For Others

Start Over if I have to, It’s not a race, it's a journey

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